neoSmart - LoRa Smart Apartment Solutions

neoLocker - Research Proves Delivery to Smart Package Lockers Reduces Total Delivery Time by 78%

A smart locker system can provide convenient access for both delivery workers and office building tenants in major cities. The locker system can eliminate the need for tenants to rush out of a meeting to intercept a delivery person at their office. While common carrier locker systems offer cities many potential benefits, little publicly accessible data exists on how to measure the performance and effectiveness of these locker operations.

Online & Mobile Check-in, check-out with smart lock neolock

Mobile Applications for Enhanced Hotel Experiences App Solutions for Check-In, Check-Out, Keyless Entry, Bookings and more..

Neosmart - LoRa Smart Agriculture Solution

The system consists of multiple control units, each control unit managing an area.All of them are managed by the control platform through wireless 3G/4G network.The perception device of the agricultural and forestry region transmits the current status of agricultural and forestry status to the management platform. sets parameters on the platform, makes statistics on the real-time situation, stores data and charts on the computer through special software. At the same time, special operations can be performed manually.

neoSmart - LoRa Smart Apartment Solutions

LoRa Technology’s low power qualities and ability to penetrate dense building materials make it an ideal platform for IoT-connected smart hotels. In addition, the long range capabilities make it possible for LoRa-enabled sensors to track assets that stray from hotels. Sensors in smart hotels can detect danger, optimize utility usage and more to improve the safety and convenience of everyday living.