Khóa từ khách sạn NeoH33

Khóa từ khách sạn NeoH33


SKU: NeoH33

$ 350.00

Sản phẩm Khoá thẻ khách sạn của Neolock đã được sử dụng trong nhiều công trình khách sạn khác nhau. Đến nay, trên cả nước đã có hàng trăm công trình sử dụng sản phẩm Khoá thẻ khách sạn của Neolock. Đặc biệt với dòng khóa hiện đại NeoH33 sẽ làm tăng tính bảo mật và đẳng cấp khách sạn của bạn.



Hotel Lock NeoH33


1637/5000 Neolock Hotel Card Lock products have been used in many different hotel projects. Up to now, there have been hundreds of projects using Neolock hotel card product nationwide. Especially with the modern NeoH33 lock line will increase the security and class of your hotel.

Function: The NeoH33 hotel card lock is designed for hotels, motels, guest houses or an agency or organization that needs systematic and organized management and control of rooms.

Material: NeoH33 hotel lock is designed with Steel alloy material to ensure good performance in hot and humid environments and the marine environment.

Software: Intuitive management software, customer management, staff, and management. Can set the right to enter the room of the guest card, management card, service card ... The card reader allows to retrieve information about the user's access time.

Mechanical lock, intestinal lock: According to European standards. Can be replaced for mechanical locks in use or installed on open doors

Color: Silver

Suitable door type: Wooden or steel door. The door has been fitted with an old mechanical lock or a new door. Door thickness> 3.5cm. Door width> 8cm

Unlock: Magnetic card, Mechanical lock

Power: Use 4 AA batteries. Signal when the battery is low. When the battery is low and there is a low battery warning, the lock can still be opened about 100 times before it runs out.

Security: Lock signal when the door is not closed, automatically lock when closed. The lock has dual lock mode from the inside. Inside the door opens easily just by swiping. The software can delegate the time to use the lock and can retrieve lock history.

Warranty 12 months

Software copyright: Free software and user manuals.

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