Khóa Thông Minh NeoA1

Khóa Thông Minh NeoA1


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Khóa được thử nghiệm kĩ lưỡng về khả năng chịu lực, chịu các tác động ngoại cảnh như nhiệt độ, bụi bẩn, nước mưa,v.v.. khóa cũng có chức năng mã số ảo giúp bảo vệ mã, báo động khi có hiện tượng phá khóa, cháy nổ, mở khóa thất bại quá 5 lần.



Mart Lock NeoA1


NeoA1 is a suitable door lock for most types of office doors, the lock will automatically lock whenever the door is closed. Open operation is also extremely easy and fast by phone app, word or PIN. Beautiful design style creates a luxurious look for your home, office. The lock is suitable for most types of wooden doors and glass doors from one wing to two wings.

The lock is thoroughly tested for bearing capacity, subject to external influences such as temperature, dust, rainwater, etc.The lock also has a virtual code function to help protect the code and alarm when it is broken. lock, fire, unlock fail more than 5 times.



NeO1 smart lock is equipped with features to unlock via phone app, magnetic card, ping code or can also use traditional mechanical keys.


Mobile application management

Users can randomly add or delete temporary users and temporary users. lock or unlock the door, view your access history with the push of a button - on your smartphone app

Smart touch screen keyboard

Resistive touch screen is very fast to unlock, features absolute security of 128bit encrypted communication data and OTP technology.

Smart touch screen keyboard

Record all user entries. The log provides users with access to unlocked data

Emergency reserve key

Physical lock will be provided in case of any emergency.

 LED backlight

Indicate your door lock status (locked / unlocked), making it easy to unlock in low light.

 History record

Record every user's entry. Activity logs grant users access to real-time data. See access history.

Create and Send PIN remotely

Chức năng này cho phép người dùng thay đổi hoặc tạo thêm mã PIN mới từ xa.

Automatically lock in 5 seconds

Automatic lock feature will help you automatically lock the door in 5 seconds.

Share ekey management rights

The function allows the host to share management rights to other accounts, which is convenient for adding and deleting new accounts.

Bluetooth technology

BLE 4.0 technology allows users to access the lock and communicate with authorized smartphones.

Real time battery indicator

A low battery indicator will show 1 week's notice, and the lock also has a USB backup port that provides temporary power before the battery can be replaced.

Technical data

Connection method

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


177.5 (D) * 70 (R)mm

Support system

Android 4.3 / IOS 7.0 and above

Door thickness


Power used

6V (4 AA batteries)

number of magnetic cards

150 cards



door type

of wood / steel doors / fireproof doors


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